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Plato's Academy

This suburb of Athens owes its name to the famous hero, Akadimus or Ekadimus, but remained in history due to the renowned school of philosophy that Plato founded here.

This was a place of dwelling from the prehistoric time until the 6th Century during which one of the three same named Gymnasiums of Athens was established in the area, originaly for the army as athletic exercise place. It has been noted that Peisistratidis Hippias built the actual grounds, while Cimon planted the trees in the area – the latter whose work was continued in 86 B.C. by Sulla. In 387 B.C., Plato founded his renowned school that took the same name as his and was met with great acclaim by NeoPlatonites for it to see its final closure at the hands of Justini- an in 529 B.C


Plato's Academy, 37 Platonos Str, Athens