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Music technology meets philosophy

CRe-AM Workshop

Shaping the future of music – the role of technology

Friday, September 19 2014, 15:00 - 18:00

Old University, Tholou 5, Plaka, Athens 

The CRe-AM project ( in collaboration with the ICMC|SMC|2014 Conference ( is organising a special Workshop, to discuss how technology can enhance and enrich the future of the music sector.
The CRe-AM project aims to bridge communities of creators with communities of technology providers and innovators, in a collective, strategic roadmapping effort, in order to streamline, coordinate and amplify collaborative work towards developing, enhancing, and mainstreaming new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), processes and tools, to address the future needs of different sectors of the creative industries. The focus is on a future ICT R&D agenda that will advance the development of new tools for supporting the creative processes, as well as enhance and improve existing tools and platforms to be more adapted to, or to better care for, the needs of specific creators’ groups.
This special Workshop is aimed at collecting visions, identifying technology trends, and forecasting future evolutions that will contribute to a dynamic roadmap for the development of the music sector.
Following a short welcome and introduction, Session 1 of the Workshop will feature stimulating presentations regarding innovative practices and the prospects of technology use in music.
Session 2 will focus on where the music sector is headed.  A roundtable discussion will be organised to discuss and debate the role of technology in shaping the future of the music sector, namely:
  1. Future Café: Visions and desired future scenarios 
  2. Delphi Game: Outlining Trends & Weak Signals
Visioning future desired scenarios. Small discussion groups to outline how participants want to use technology in the best case, best conceivable future for their creative practice.
Small discussion groups to outline what is going to happen in the technology domain and how it will affect the music sector.
The CRe-AM Music Workshop is organised as follows:

15:00- 15:10



Welcome & Introduction

Dr. Ing. Constantin Makropoulos, NCSR”Demokritos”

Dimitra Pappa,  Dipl.Eng/MBA, NCSR”Demokritos”


Session 1: Provocations

15:20 -15:40

Anastasia Georgaki, Assistant Professor, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

ICMC|SMC2014 Conference Chair


Ioannis Zannos, Associate Professor, Ionian University


Panos Parthenios, Assistant Professor, Technical University of Crete


Session 2: Roundtable Discussion

16:20 -17:00

Future Café (Visions and desired future scenarios)


 Delphi Game (Outlining Trends & Weak Signals)

Join this CRe-AM workshop to shape the future of the music sector.
The Workshop is organised as a satellite event to the ICMC|SMC|2014 Conference
Date: Friday, September 19 2014, 15:00 - 18:00
Venue: Old University, Tholou 5, Plaka, Athens (Παλαιό Πανεπιστήμιο, Θόλου 5, Πλάκα)
Organiser: National Centre for Scientific Research (NCSR) Demokritos (
Come and join us for an exciting workshop at an historic venue, in Athens’ Plaka neighborhood.